Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Appendix to A Radical Proposal

Previously, I posted an outline of my proposal to fix college football, here is what it looks like (don't pay attention to the teams, they can be moved around and could finish anywhere within the tier, I only payed attention to wether a team was tier 1, 2, or 3 (and that was done a few years ago), and then to what region they would fit in):

Tier 1 A (South)Tier 1 B (East)Tier 1 C (Midwest)Tier 1 D (West)
FloridaPenn StateOklahomaTexasAutomatic Bid to Round Robin Championship
GeorgiaBoston CollegeMinnesotaUSCPlay in to Roud Robin Losers join Blue teams in 16 team playoff
LSUOhio StateNorth WesternTexas TechPlayoff Teams - Championship game is a "major" bowl
AlabamaUconnMichigan StateBoise State
South CarolinaVA techNebraskaCal
South FloridaWVUKansasOregon StatePlay-in to playoffs, Losers go to minor bowl games
Florida StateUNCTulsaUtahRelegation groups with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place of middle teir
GA TechWake ForestWestern MichiganBYU
Ole MissCinciOklahoma StateTCUAutomatic Relegation

Tier 2 A (South)Tier 2 B (East)Tier 2 C (Midwest)Tier 2 D (West)
VandyRutgersBall StateFresno StateAutomatic Promotion
ClemsonWisconsinTexas A & MArizona StatePromotion Groups
East CarolinaBuffaloHoustonColorado
AuburnMichiganRiceNew Mexico
VirginiaNotre DameLouisiana-LafayetteHawaii
KentuckyIllinoisAir ForceSan Jose State
TroyMarylandIowaArizonaOne game survial match
Miss StateNavyKansas StateUCLAOne game survial match
MemphisLouisvilleArkansasNevadaOne game survial match
TennesseCentral MichiganLA TechStanfordAutomatic Relegation

Tier 3 A (South)Tier 3 B (East)Tier 3 C (Mid West)Tier 3 D (West)
Florida InternationalArmy North TexasWashingtonAutomatic Promotion
UABSyracuseBaylorUTEPOne game promotion match
TulaneKent StateNorthern IllinoisIdahoOne game promotion match
Louisiana-MonroeAkronIowa StateNew Mexico StateOne game promotion match
Florida AtlanticToledoSMUUNLV
Midd Tennessee StateTempleArkansas StateSan Diego State
DukeMiami OHWestern KentuckyWyoming
NC StateEastern MichiganBowling GreenUtah State
Southern MissOhioIndianaColorado State
UCFMarshallPurdueWashington State

After the 9 game regular season taking place over 10 weeks, here is what week 11 would look like:

Play-in for Championship DivisionPlayoff play-inMiddle to Bottom pro/rel
Georgiavs.Boston CollegeSouth Floridavs.WVUTroyvs.Louisiana-Monroe
Minnesotavs.USCKansasvs.Oregon StateMarylandvs.Akron
Iowavs.Iowa State
Arizonavs.New Mexico State
Miss Statevs.Tulane
Navyvs.Kent State
Kansas Statevs.Northern Illinois

Week 11 would also include the first of the three games in top to middle pro/rel groups.  Based on the above regular season, this is how those groups would look:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup F
Florida StateUNCTulsaUtahMiamiPitt
MizzouOregonGA TechWakeWestern MichiganBYU
ClemsonWisconsinTexas A&MArizona StateEast CarolinaBuffalo
HoustonColoradoAuburnMichiganRiceNew Mexico

Week 11 would feature a total of 28 games.

Week 12 would start the Championship Division round robin, as well as the first round of the Bowl Qualifying Playoffs.  It would also feature the 2nd group play game of the battle for the top tier. (23 games)

Round RobinBowl Qualifying PlayoffsLosers play in minor bowls
Florida(1)Boston Collegevs.(16)Cal
Penn state(2)Minnesotavs.(15) Nebraska
Oklahoma(3)LSUvs.(14)Va Tech
Texas(4)Ohio Statevs.(13)South Carolina
Georgia(5)Northwesternvs.(12)Boise State
USC(6)Texas Techvs.(11)Michigan State
(7)Alabamavs.(10)South Florida
(8)Uconnvs.(9)West Virginia

Week 13: 2nd round of the Championship Division (CD) round robin, and the 1/4 finals of the Bowl Qualifying Playoffs. (7 games)

Week 14: 3rd round of the CD and the Semi finals of the BQP (5 games)

Week 15: 4th round of the CD (3 games)

Week 16: Minor Bowls (5 games). Tier 2 and tier 3 winners. Tier 1 play-in losers.

Week 17: Bowl games of top/middle pro/rel groups (12 games)

Week 18: BQP round of 16 losers bowl games (4 games)

Pre Jan 1: BQP 1/4 final losers bowl games (2)

January 1: BQP 3rd place game, BQP final, final round of CD (3 games). Total of 5 games.

Here is a table of the total number of games played:

Games played
All teamsMin 9
Tier 1 champs14
Tier 1 2nd place winner15
Tier 1 2nd place loser12,13,14
Tier 1 3rd to 5th place11,12,13
Tier 1 6th place winner12,13,14
Tier 1 6th place loser11
Tier 1 7th to 9th place12
Tier 1 10th place9
Tier 2 champs10
Tier 2 2nd to 4th place12
Tier 2 5th and 6th place9
Tier 2 7th to 9th place10
Tier 2 10th place9
Tier 3 champs10
Tier 3 2nd to 4th place10
Tier 3 5th to 10th place9

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